Immunisations including Yellow Fever in Torquay

Immunisation plays an important role in disease prevention.

Our nurses and GPs have done extensive training in immunisation education, handling, storage and delivery of vaccines. If you need to discuss your immunisation needs please book an appointment with your GP.

Immunisation services offered include:

  • Childhood immunisations
  • Catch up immunisations scheduling and planning
  • Travel vaccinations (including Yellow Fever)
  • Influenza vaccinations
  • Covid vaccination
  • Adult Immunisations and Boosters

Covid and Influenza clinics will be run at certain times of the year depending on demand and also vaccine supply. Covid vaccine eligibility can be discussed with your GP or practice nurses.

Travel vaccinations can be complex, please book a travel medicine consultation prior to immunisations to ensure we have what you need to best cover you whilst abroad.

Please note you need to remain in the clinic for fifteen minutes following all vaccinations as a standard protocol.

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