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HYPNOTHERAPY (Dr Darren Fahroedin & Dr Mary Barson)

Hypnotherapy treatment typically involves a simple process of being guided into a deep state of relaxation. Quite different to deep sleep, you may experience an enhanced level of awareness, with greater access to deeper levels of mind (or the subconscious mind). It is at these deeper levels of mind that old habits of behaviour, reacting emotionally and thinking are more easily changed.

The old beliefs that you may not have been aware of, that were driving these old habits, are more readily released or modified. Importantly, rather than giving away control you are more empowered to harness the power of your own mind.

The benefits of hypnotherapy include reconnecting with your natural relaxation response, an important counterbalance to our stress response. This natural relaxed state is experienced in a tangible way, rather than just talking about it. The depth of this inner calmness is often wonderfully surprising for people, given the fast pace of the world we live in.

Each time we connect with this inner calmness, it can be healing and re-balancing for the mind-body-spirit. Often hypnotherapy is experienced as a remembering rather than learning something new or foreign. In this deeply relaxed state, where our capacity to learn, adapt and change is greatly enhanced, we can specifically address a given mental, emotional or behavioural issue.

With a fascination with harnessing the power of the mind and our innate capacity to heal, Dr Fahroedin and Dr Mary Barson have a lifelong interest in a variety of approaches including deep relaxation and relaxation training, meditation, hypnotherapy & guided imagery.

The benefits of hypnotherapy include reconnecting with your natural relaxation response, an important counterbalance to our stress response.


Dr Fahroedin first learnt about Emotional Freedom Technique in the late 1990s and was immediately captivated by its effectiveness and how it tapped into our natural capacity to heal. Since that time he has continued to refine the way he uses EFT, sharing an approach of compassionate & mindful awareness.

EFT is a remarkably simple technique with a profound capacity to assist you to unlock and release old and unhelpful patterns of emotion, thinking & behaviour. It is a tapping technique that combines Eastern wisdom of mindfulness and energy points with Western psychology principles. EFT treatment involves a simple and direct way of addressing troublesome thoughts, emotions and behaviours. It is perfectly suited to those ready and able to acknowledge and accept what they are experiencing in the present moment.

Whilst engaged in EFT you are guided to tap on specific (acupressure) points whilst giving voice to how you feel and what thoughts may accompany those feelings. Through this process you are supported to release & let go of the emotional charge in old patterns of reacting.

The benefits as the name suggests are the emergence of a growing sense of emotional freedom. The old pattern of shrinking or avoiding emotions, situations or people begins to change. Instead, we develop a new sense of confidence to handle those experiences.

Once learnt, you can apply the same technique and principles to any number of new situations, becoming a wonderful self-development tool. Recognising the link between mind & body; physical pain and all manner of habits and emotions can be potentially improved.

For those not comfortable or ready for such a direct way of working with emotions and feelings, hypnotherapy may be a more gentle and indirect way of achieving the same result

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